IAU Commission 19

The International Astronomical Union was formed in 1919 in order to facilitate the relations between astronomers of different countries and promote the study of astronomy. IAU Commission 19 was originally established as "Latitude Variation", and later renamed "Rotation of the Earth".



Term 2012-2015



President: Cheng-Li Huang (PR China)

Vice-President: Richard Gross (USA)



Florian Seitz (Germany)




Organizing Committee:

  • Past-President: Harald Schuh (Austria)
  • Christian Bizouard (France), 2nd term
  • Ben Chao (Taiwan), 2nd term
  • Wieslaw Kosek (Poland), 2nd term
  • David Salstein (USA), 2nd term
  • Vladimir Zharov (Russia), 1st term
  • IVS representative: Oleg Titov (Australia)
  • IERS representative: Daniela Thaller (Germany)
  • IAG representative: Zinovy Malkin (Russia)

International Year of Astronomy